International Advisory

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International Advisory

International Business relies upon skills and sensitivities and understandings that are above cultural and political norms, gaining trust and respect and understanding are more efficient and expedient means of progressing international business activity. Throughout history businesses have evolved around relying upon networking, referrals and viral marketing to develop, grow and progress. The same still applies today, despite that lapse of time and improvements of technology, it is natural human instinct to take the advice of people that we trust and networks that we regularly use, for change to occur with respect to this, it is important to keep in mind that divergence from this norm does not generally occur, what often does occur is further development of new networks and new circles of business, power and influence, with this in mind it is far more expedient for business owners to tap into established networks of others and develop strategies and synergies to seek to progress and grow. New networks and circles can also be created by investing in such opportunities as they arise but are a far more fragile and an unproven path, the progression of this aims and objectives is essentially what Spectre Linkers to achieve by communicating and strategising with key stakeholders from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.

We believe each opportunity is unique and can be a success in its own right, by selecting the right people, networks and personal with the right ‘positive’ mind frame, a business’s owner is able to share, discuss, and develop their ideas in an environment that is beneficial to the business owner. Spectre Linkers aims to provide access to international legal experts from various fields and markets to offer more growth, dynamism and opportunity to business owners.

Spectre Linkers looks forward to discussing and strategising with you, your specific scenario and developing action steps towards meeting your aims and objectives.

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