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What is litigation?

Commercial Litigation Process
Litigation can be generally summarised into four stages, namely Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), Court Proceeding and Settlement. Yet, in practice, theses stages intermingle. For example, numbers of negotiation between the parties often take place during the court proceeding.

Negotiation involves seeking common goal and reaching resolution. Negotiation generally does not involve third parties. The confidentiality of your matter can be preserved. Although compromises are often made, it is the least costly way to settle your dispute. It happens throughout the whole dispute resolution system. Prior to escalating your dispute to another level, you should attempt to negotiate to settle your dispute.

Some dispute involves an ADR mechanism. ADR generally involves arbitration and mediation. Many contracts involve a dispute resolution clause that specifies how the dispute should be resolved, particularly for industry that requires specific knowledge. For example, it is common practice for construction agreement to include a dispute resolution mechanism, which usually is an arbitration. ADR is generally confidential and less expensive, but it still involves complicated procedures.

Court proceeding is the last resort. As a party in a court proceeding, you must comply with the detailed requirements and court procedures. You will also need to prepare and select the best submissions to support your case. Any maneuver of yours in a court proceeding will affect the outcome. It is not the most desirable venue to resolve a dispute, but its resolution will final and most effective.

Once a dispute is resolved in any of the above stages, settlement of the dispute can still be technical. Monetary settlement generally involves a trust account. Various disbursements that were required in the above proceedings, such as expert witness fee, will also need to be finalized. Attention will also be needed to ensure the enforcement of the resolution.

Consequently, if you are entangled in a dispute or even litigation, you will need professional legal representatives to manage and administer your dispute. A competent legal representative will not only use their professional knowledge to assist you to achieve the best outcome of your case, but also minimise the cost and time of your claim. A competent legal representative will also assist you to resolve your dispute by contriving alternatives to reach the common goals between parties.

Why Spectre Linkers?

Spectre Linkers will be your best legal representative to assist you to reach the best resolution of your matter.

Spectre Linkers has experts in various areas of law and industries. Our experts are experienced in their fields. We understand your concerns in your industries. We do not simply provide advices for resolving your mater. Our advices are comprehensive and will assist you to perform better in your industry.

We are not a typical law firm. We are good at contriving alternatives that will assist you to research the resolution of your matter. We do not simply focus on the monetary outcome. Our professional service will be tailored to focus on your actual need in your business. By such, you matter will not only have a better possibility to be resolved in a more expedient way, but also a less costly way.

We despise bureaucracy just as you do. We value and prioritize your matter. Particularly, when dealing with litigation, every maneuver matters and affect the outcomes of your matter. We make every effort to ensure your matter will be managed with close attention.

Case examples:

We have successfully conducted the following litigations for our client.

  • Assisted a client to finalise an insurance claim worth $200,000 in court.


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